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Active Substrates for the Next-Generation of Electron Microscopy

How SMART Grids Work

SMART Grids revolutionize TEM sample preparation for a wide range of materials and living samples to enable more reproducible, higher quality images in less time.

Unlike other conventional TEM grids, SMART Grids have active surfaces that control how your sample interacts with the substrate. By matching the SMART Grid type to your sample, you can dramatically improve sample uniformity and coverage while eliminating sample preparation artifacts such as aggregation and drying effects. The resulting samples enable you to get more accurate data in less time to accelerate your research.

In addition, for the first time, this cross-disciplinary sample platform allows users to integrate the combined capabilities of electron microscopy, surface science, and electronic and optical interrogation in a single sample to enable the most comprehensive understanding of structural, chemical, and functional characteristics of matter at the nanoscale.

SMART Grids have been engineered to meet a wide range of current and future applications in both Materials Science - NanoGrids and Life Sciences - BioGrids.

NanoGridsNanoGridsTM functionalized TEM grids set a new standard for reproducible characterization of nanomaterials, nanostructures, and thin films using TEM, SEM, and AFM. NanoGrids are available with a range of active surfaces to enable uniform dispersion and accurate characterization of many different types of materials. Further, they offer unmatched thermal, chemical, and physical stability to allow for multi-step processing and analysis.

BioGridsBioGridsTM functionalized TEM grids promote affinity for proteins, viruses, other bio- or macro-molecules through both non-specific bonding and analyte-specific bonding, e.g. immunocapture. Our broad range of hydrophilic BioGrids are ideal for nearly any sample preparation including both stained samples and cryo TEM.

Dune Sciences is the world's only manufacturer of functionalized TEM grids. Our patent-pending SMART Grids are available with a variety of surface chemistries in several standard configurations including three electron-transparent membrane types: thermal SiO2, low-stress LPCVD silicon nitride - SMART SiN Grids, and continuous carbon films - C-SMART Grids. SMART Grids offer a clean, ultra-low background for outstanding image resolution.

SMART Grids In addition to our SMART TEM Grids, Dune Sciences offers a variety of other products and services including our LinkedON kits for covalent attachment of molecules and particles, and our SMART Grids Gold prepared grids that are pre-embedded with gold nanoparticles. Dune also provides a range of services including comprehensive characterization, custom grid geometry and surface functionalization to meet all of our customer needs.

The unique capabilities of SMART Grids have enabled researchers and industry to get better quality information for a broad range of applications including metrology, nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, semiconductors, and quality assurance. Detailed information on specific SMART Grids products and applications can be accessed using the menu on the left of this page.