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LinkedONTM SMART Grids Kits

LinkedON Kits Scheme

LinkedONTM grid kits revolutionize modern sample preparation for EM by promoting crosslinking of biological molecules and nanomaterials to the grid surface through bifunctional linkers.

Dune offers several standard kits that covalently link common functional groups found on proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, latex beads, pharmaceuticals, and other ligands to SMART Grids. LinkedON Kits are also suitable for amine, carboxyl, or thiol-functionalized nanoparticles. The kits include all necessary materials and step-by-step instructions for linking target materials to the grid surface. User supplies purified target molecule/analyte. Once a sample is conjugated to the surface, the grids can be used to probe interactions of biological molecules or nanomaterials in a variety of environments.

Benefits include:

  • Concentratration of viruses and biomolecules on surface from dilute solutions.
  • Tethered molecules retain biological function.
  • Robust multi-step liquid phase processing.
  • Robust CryoEM sample preparation.
  • Compatibility with optical detection assays for correlative analysis.
  • Environmental fate of nanoparticles can be monitored.


LinkedON™ Amine Grids

LinkedONTM grids for the covalent attachment of terminal amine containing samples.

LinkedON™ Sulfhydryl Grids

LinkedONTM grids for the covalent attachment of terminal sulfhydryl (thiol) containing samples.

LinkedON™ Carboxylate Grids

LinkedONTM grids for the covalent attachment of terminal carboxylate containing samples.

Protein A Grids

Protein A Grids are an affinity platform for small-scale isolation and purification of immunoglobulins and immunoprecipitation of proteins and viruses directly on the grid surface.Application: single particle analysis, viral diagnostics, cryoEM, wet-STEM, and structural biology.

BioLysine Grids

Hydrophilic grids for covalent cross-linking of lysine groups on biological molecules to grid surface. Application: Antibody bonding, multi-step assays, concentrates virus particles.