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LinkedON SulfhydrylTM kits provide users with everything necessary to covalently crosslink proteins and other biomolecules directly to the surface of SMART TEM Grids through sulfhydryl (or thiol) groups on the biomolecule surface. Covalent attachment is made possible through a two-step process that uses the LinkedON Amine grid and a water soluble, non-cleavable heterobifunctional crossslinker. The linker chemically reacts with primary amines on the grid surface, leaving a maleimide group exposed to bond with thiols or sulfhydryls such as in cysteine residues on the surface of proteins.

Proteins, including enzymes, generally have several thiols in the side chain of cysteine residues that are available as targets for our crosslinking reagent. Enzyme-coupled SMART GridsTM can be used to provide new insight to structure-property relationships for enzyme-substrate interactions. Nucleic acids can also be modified with thiols to allow for highly selective reaction with the grid surface.

LinkedON SulfhydrylTM Kits come complete with 10 BioPlus Grids, linker, sample tack strips to aid in sample preparation, premeasured phosphate buffer salts, and a step-by-step coupling protocol.

Store all components at 4°C, protected from moisture.

LinkedON SulfhydrylTM SMART Grid Kits
Cat# Window Size Thickness Sold As Price Order
SGK-T1-B25 nm100x100 umkit/10 grids$500.00