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LinkedON AmineTM SMART Grids Kits

LinkedON Amine Grids

LinkedON Amine KitsTM provide users with everything necessary to covalently crosslink proteins and other biomolecules directly to the surface of SMART Grids through primary amine groups on the biomolecule surface. Covalent attachment is made possible through a two-step process that first derivatizes the BioPlus (amine) grids with a water-soluble, non-cleavable linker. The linker contains an amine-reactive ester at each end of an 8-carbon spacer arm that reacts with primary amines to form stable amide bonds. The 11.4 angstrom spacer minimizes steric hindrance because the group has a greater freedom to rotate as compared to our BioLysine grids.

Proteins, including antibodies, that generally have several primary amines in the side chain of lysine residues and the N-terminus of each polypeptide can then be linked to modified grid surface through the terminal ester crosslinking moiety. In addition to biomolecules, LinkedON Amine kits can be used to tether amine functionalized beads and other nanomaterials with amine groups.

LinkedON Amine Kits come complete with 10 BioPlus Grids, linker, sample tack strips to aid in sample preparation, buffer necessary for the two step coupling reaction, and a step-by-step coupling protocol.

Store all components at 4°C, protected from moisture.

LinkedON AmineTM SMART Grid Kits
Cat# Window Size Thickness Sold As Price Order
SGK-A1-B25 nm100x100 umkit/10 grids$500.00