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SMART Grids™Configuration

SMART Grids are micromachined from ultrathin silicon wafers to provide the greatest flexibility in grid geometry and configuration. SMART Grids are currently available in a variety of configurations to meet your characterization needs. If these geometries do not fulfill your requirements, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your custom needs.

Square Window Grids

3 mm octagon grids with square windows, similar to traditional EM grids. These grids have a number of windows to ensure a substantial sample population across the grid surface. The large number of windows ensure the availability of intact windows for viewing in the event that some windows rupture during handling. These grids contain a single rectangular window that serves as an index mark for reproducible imaging. Typical square window grid configurations are shown below - 50x50 and 100x100 um windows are our standard grids. Configurations may be customized for individual applications.

Standard Square Window Grids

Rectangular Window Grids

3 mm octagon grids with rectangular windows. These grids provide significantly expanded viewing areas when compared to our Type A grids. The octagonal grids are our most popular configurations due to their compatibility and familiarity when compared with with existing grid designs. Typical rectangular window grid configurations are shown below. Configurations may be customized for individual applications.

Standard Rectangular Window Grids


Multi Grid Wafer Formats

Product Images - pop-out grids (small)

Square grids are available in multi-grid wafer format that allows for parallel processing of multiple grids and permits other processing capabilities such as spin-coating. Each grid can be easily popped out after processing. Please contact us for more information on this grid geometry.

Window Options

SMART Grids employ thermally grown SiO2 membrane windows that are available with different membrane thicknesses. Our current line of products includes three basic membrane thicknesses. Our standard window thickness is 25 nm (SG01), but they are also available with no membrane (SG00) and 75 nm SiO2 (SG02) windows. In addition, SMART Grids are now offered in the above geometries with 15 nnm low stress Si3N4 membranes.
window thickness

The 25 nm windows are the most generally applicable showing excellent image resolution with minimal background. The 75 nm windows are for applications involving heavier elements where durability is valued at a premium. Both the 25 nm and 75 nm thick membrane windows are robust to a variety of chemical and thermal processing treatments provided they are properly handled. The grids with no membrane windows enable the complete elimination of background contributions from the membrane while retaining the capability to functionalize the areas around the aperture created when the membrane is removed.