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Imaging and Elution of Antimicrobial Silver NPs

Silver TEM

Fig 1. Bright field TEM image of LinkedON Silver nanoparticles.

In this application, SMART Grids were used as substrates for the deposition and characterization of antimicrobial silver nanoparticles. Silver nanoparticles have received significant attention in the past 1-2 years over their use in consumer apparel and other goods and the potential for discharge of these nanoparticles into the environment. There are a number of important questions that are currently being pursued by the scientific community related to the antimicrobial-efficacy of these materials, toxicity of these particles if released into the environment, and the potential impacts on human health through uncontrolled exposure. SMART Grids provide an ideal platform to evaluate the size characteristics of the silver nanoparticles and to evaluate changes in these particles when exposed to different environmental stimuli.

The goal of the present study was to monitor the elution of LinkedON Silver nanoparticles produced by Dune Sciences as a function of time when soaked in a large excess of deionized H2O. Through proprietary chemical processing, the LinkedON Silver is covalently attached to functionalized SMART grids in a fashion similar to their attachment on textiles. The grids were soaked in 500 ml deionized water that was replaced each day. When initially prepared, the nanoparticles have dimensions on the order of 18 nm. After one week, the nanoparticle size decreased to approx. 11 nm, but the overall particle density (no. of particles/cm2) remained unchanged. After three weeks, the average particle size had been further reduced to 3 nm with a similar particle density. This study shows that the nanoparticles are slowly eluting away in the form of silver ions rather than becoming dislodged as whole particles from the substrate surface. When used in conjunction with antimicrobial studies, the SMART Grids provide unmatched insight to the mechanisms of action and function for antimicrobial silver nanoparticles.

Heat Treatment

Fig. 2