Dune Sciences, Inc. is a technology spin-out from the University of Oregon’s chemistry department. Dune’s founders, Dr. John Miller and Dr. Jim Hutchison are leading researchers in surface chemistry and engineered materials. Using state of the art tools and facilities at the University of Oregon, they have created scientifically superior, environmentally friendly solutions for products ranging from electron microscopy tools to anti-microbial coatings for textile manufacturers.

Dune’s nano-engineered coatings for medical textiles eliminate bacterial contamination on treated garments while using less than 1% of the active material as used in previous technologies, making it simpler to incorporate, greener and less expensive than competitors.

During the development of their anti-microbial coatings, it was necessary for Dune’s scientists to invent new tools to investigate their novel materials. Dune’s line of Smart TEM Grids came out of that work. Currently, the FDA, EPA and 1000’s of researchers worldwide use their patented grids to explore new materials.

In 2015, while working to increase the durability and effectiveness of new textile coatings, Dune’s scientists invented technology that has been used on an entirely new line of high-performance and environmentally friendly cleaning and deodorizing products. This technology was launched under the Defunkify® brand name in mid 2016 and is now available nationally in grocery, specialty retail, industrial cleaners, and online.

When our scientists aren’t skiing, biking, hiking or otherwise running around in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, they are hard at work inventing the next great thing.

Dune Sciences is the world's only manufacturer of active TEM grids that enhance the quality of sample and images using TEM. SMART Grids functionalized TEM grids enable accurate and reproducible imaging and metrology of nanoparticles and biological molecules such as proteins and viruses using TEM and other methods.

You don’t wear your grandma’s yoga pants, why use her detergent!

Cleaning and deodorizing today’s synthetic clothing requires advanced, high performance detergent.

Our team of Ph.D. scientists created Defunkify products from sustainable plant based materials, minerals and synthetics from the EPA’s Safer Choice List to out-perform our competitors, to be competitively priced and to be more environmentally friendly and we have the data to prove it.